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Cancun is very close to have a million inhabitants, making it the largest city of the Mexican Caribbean. Multinational corporate offices, brands and international people are everywhere. Private and Public Medical facilities are providing fist world class service to Cancun. As modern big city education is present, public and private schools – most of them bilingual – have an important roll in the new Cancun society, prestige universities like ITESM or Monterrey Tech or Universidad Anahuac have campus locations here. Private bilingual schools from elementary to high school are available – so many diverse educational options are making Cancun one of the top spots to move to – Family, education and lifestyle all in one place!

Home to the world’s second largest barrier reef, Cancun is an ideal place for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Cancun adventurers may also be interested in exploring a cenote or taking a side trip. You may also want to go golfing, fishing or play tennis. If you're looking for something a tad tamer, Cancun also has great shooping, sun-bathing and dinning.

Playa del Carmen

“Playa” as it is called locally is one of the most visited beach destination in the world, by Americans, Canadians, Europeans and South Americans. Why is that? It has grown into a small beach destination with big city nightlife and culture! Full of life, culture, history, natural beauty, perfectly connected by air with the world.  That is why this place nested in the Mayan peninsula became what it is now. Local people and new residents from all around the world have built what PLAYA is today – big, popular and yet intimate and chic!